A few months ago I have written about what comfort food means to me. It was during fall when the sun lightly shined in the afternoons and comfort food was a very-very simple fresh salad with a light dressing.
Now, when the wind blows outside, and the snow has just melted a few hours ago, comfort food means definitely a warm soup with full of delicious ingredients: chorizo, bean and any kind of grain. It’s full of energy and warm anybody up from top to toe. Serve in a fresh, tasty toasted bread and then You’ll be ready to shovel the next amount snow….


Serves 4

250 gr black eyed beans
200 gr chorizo
3 carrots
1 parsnip
small size celeriac
100 gr pearl barley
2 sprigs thyme
1 middle size onion
2 bay leaves
2 garlic cloves

4 bread to serve

Soak the beans in cold water for a night. Next day put the beans in a sieve and wash generously with fresh water. Put the beans, clean sliced carrots, parsnip, celeriac, whole onion, sliced chorizo, some ground pepper, bay leaves, garlic, thyme in a big pan, add water and bring to boil. Often I make it in a pressure cooker to save time. Cook for 1,5-2 hours until beans are soft. Then add salt to taste, remove onion, bay leaves and discard. Add the pearl barley and cook until it gets tender. Replace some water if necessary.
If You serve the soup in a bread please choose a brown one instead of white one. It will keep the soup for longer time without leaking. Get the bread and cut the upper third part of that with a sharp knife. Spoon out the soft part of the bread and toast them in the oven for 5-10 minutes. Leave to cool to room temperature then put some warm soup in. Serve immediately.



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    Cuisine de Provence

    January 30, 2013

    What a beautiful presentation!

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    Amateur Cook

    March 23, 2013

    You had me at chorizo.