Just a couple of weeks then I ‘m gonna be off to attend a fantastic, lovely Food Photography and Styling Workshop in London. The organizer is Meeta Wolff by  What’s for Lunch Honey, and Sumayya at Pukka Paki, and Jeanne at  Cook Sister. I have read Meeta’s blog since I have been blogging. I love her photos, her style, and I admire what a colorful person she could be… So I’m looking forward meeting her. 
Well, nowadays I received the detailed program which seems very impressive. Since then I haven’t done  anything else, just practice: take a photo here and there, find the best theme, find my comfort zone and try to move out of that… 
So the next some posts’s aim to create nice food with lovely photos (what actually, always the point, though). I hope You’ll enjoy them with me!
This time I made an apple scone, that hasn’t been known until we moved here. I love it! It’s easy to make, and so delicious. I’m sure I am going to try different types, too. 
Ingredients for 15-18 pieces:
2 big apple, peeled and diced
1,5 teaspoon ground cinnamon
50 gr light brown sugar
2 tbsp dried cranberries
some rum to soak
240 gr plain flour
1 heaped teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
pinch of salt
85 gr cold, diced unsalted butter
1 large egg beaten
1-2 tbsp cold double cream 
1 teaspoon vanilla paste

2 tbsp granulated sugar mixed with some ground cinnamon

  1. Put the cranberries into a small glass and pour rum to cover. Set aside for 20 minutes. 
  2. Put the apple, cinnamon, sugar in a pan and on medium heat warm up to be tender. It’s about 10-15 minutes. Set aside and leave to cool.
  3. In a bowl mix the flour and bicarbonate of soda, add the butter and begin to mix with your hand or pastry blender until mixture resembles coarse sand. Stir in cooled apple, drained cranberry and the beaten egg. Add vanilla and cream until the dough comes together. 
  4. Wrap in kitchen foil, and put in fridge for 20-30 minutes to have rest.
    Preheat oven to 180 C. Take out the batter and put on a floured surface. Form a ball then flatten with a rolling pin to 1 cm thick. Use a cutter and put the scones on a baking sheet.  Sprinkle the top of the with some  cinnamon spiced sugar and bake for 15 minutes. 
    Serve warm.