Hello, I’m Aniko. I’m a  mum of two little boys, and an obsessive food lover and food photographer.  I was born in Hungary and my mother worked for ages as a chef, so had the opportunity to get practice in kitchen beginning from my childhood. When  I started to share my recipes it was only about food, but after a few months I realized that food photography is something that challenges my skills.

After graduated as a pharmacist  I travelled a lot all over the world due to my work so I tasted many fantastic dishes from different cultures. When my boys were born we moved to the UK. Even if I was raised up by eating traditional hungarian food I try to follow a cuisine which  is impressed by multicultural flavors.  I hardly cook the same dishes twice (except family favorites) as in my opinion life is too short not to try all the delicious and exciting flavours and combinations which are on hand.

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Frequently asked questions

What camera equipment do you use?
Currently, I use a Canon 6D with my favorite lens the Canon 24-70mm 2.8. I often use  100 mm Macro, the good old plastic and cheap one with gold strip and 135 mm 2.0, also old but lots of metal and not so cheap. I always work with Manfrotto tripod. Sometimes  I  use  artificial lighting, specially over the winter and when I have a strict purpose with that. But usually I prefer to work with natural light. All of the post-process with my photos are made in Lightroom 4, I hardly use PS.

Where did you learn food  photography?

My very first teacher for whom I will always be grateful was Meeta K. Wolff from What’s for Lunch Honey blog. She and the very talented and lovely Jeanne from Cooksister blog were who shaped my approach to food photography and taught me the basic lighting and styling requirements.

Where do you buy your props?

I buy my props from a variety of places, but my fav sources are charity shops and car boot sales. Beside them I often buy kitchen utensils from Ebay, Amazon and local vintage shops. All of the boards I use for my backgrounds are painted by myself. There are no strict rules how to create the required color and texture, so it’s a quite long experimental journey with lots of fun and creativity.

Concerning Credits and re-using images 

I put a  lot of effort into every single one of my photos. The  recipes and especially photos are completely original (unless otherwise stated), so I would  appreciate it if you would link back to my site if you adapt any of my recipes and post to your site. 

If You’d like to contact me I’m happy if You write me: