Hello, I’m Emma. I’m a 34 years old pharmacist, currently a mum to two little boys, and a wife to a doctor. My mother worked for ages as chef, so I had opportunity to get practice in kitchen beginning from my childhood. One and a half year after I have started to write my Hungarian language foodblog, coffeinmentes, it’s my pleasure to announce I have already launched my English  blog, the Multiculti Kitchen.

Everybody’s life is busy, I know well. We, women are working in half or full time, taking care of our fantastic kids, trying to be a good wife to our husband. But we are the key point in our family life, we have to ensure our health. So if we are committed to buy, cook, bake and serve healthy and fresh meal we have done the best can imagine!
So if You fancy to see something interesting or different, or just find a lovely photo about restaurants, traveling, or food please come and join me today! And follow me on Facebook as well! 

September 16, 2012